Living in a hostel or PG doesn’t really enable you to become part of a community. The hostels/PG’s in India are basically spaces where the owner rents vacant spaces out for accommodation and as an income for him/her. If they provide food at the hostel/pg, then it is going to be the same for everyone. These hostels don’t cultivate a sense of community rather just provide a place where you can sleep.

At COVIE, things are different.

COVIE is not just a luxury hostel or a premium co living space. COVIE is a way of life. In the conversation about the whole idea behind why COVIE is designed the way it is, the main objective is to create a sense of community.A place where people can achieve their dreams, understand who they really are as a person and realise their ultimate potential in the best years of their life.

In order to bring this dream to reality, ie COVIE, each premium co living space is designed keeping in mind the original idea of community. Every COVIE property has an open lounge, a library, a gymnasium and a conference room providing everyone an opportunity to interact with another COVIE resident.

Materialising the dream

Consider this hypothetical situation:

Imagine you are a nineteen year old and you have just graduated school. All these years you have lived at home, you have had your mom cook your favourite food, you haven’t really met people from other parts of the country, the only language you know is your mother tongue and English. Suppose you have chosen a university or college in Bangalore. As a person who wishes to live your college life outside campus, you desire to stay somewhere other than the college hostel. You could search the college Facebook page or somehow find students in your same class and see if you can get a flatmate. It is a tedious process but not impossible. You could do that or you could come stay at COVIE Bannerghatta.

  • You get fully furnished rooms.
  • You are provided housekeeping services. .
  • You can live near to your college/workplace.
  • You get to meet people from different parts of the nation, understand their culture, try their cuisine and learn their language.
  • You get to interact with people studying other courses and learn new things from them.
  • You get to bond with people through games.
  • You get to host events and workshops which is a highlight in itself for any college going student.

Ideally all these learning experiences are only possible if you are a traveler, but COVIE brings the world to you where you get to go through valid life experiences and don’t miss out on your career too.

Let us now assume another hypothetical scenario,

Imagine you graduated college with flying colors and you landed your dream job. Your job entails you to move to another city- Pune. You want to save some money so you are searching for a hostel or a pg and you stumble upon COVIE. You get a virtual tour of the property and you like it. You like the fact that COVIE is close to your office and you can save a chunk of money on commute. A whole in whole winner! What else?

  • You get to meet other working professionals specialized in different trades.
  • You get to learn about the office culture from these individuals.
  • You get to absorb knowledge and organisational soft skills.
  • You can focus 100% on your work as COVIE takes care of all your in-house needs.
  • You get to network with startup owners, digital nomads and other working class heroes.
  • You get to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Apart from you benefiting from being part of the community, COVIE also enables you to give back, give others an opportunity to learn from you after all, at the end of the day, we are at our best when we help other people grow and become their best selves. Is there any other hostel/pg you are aware of that provides such an opportunity?

Now that you have pictured these two totally different scenarios and understood the benefits of both, ask yourself where else can you experience all this other than COVIE?

At COVIE, there are no gender based, religion based or even sexual orientation based disparity. COVIE is a place designed for you to grow and realise your purpose. When you are scouring the internet looking for a place to stay, know that, we have designed COVIE keeping you in mind. So without a shadow of doubt, pack your bags, plan your dates and #justmovein to COVIE.

We will be waiting for you!


Categories: Coliving TipsPublished On: April 21st, 2021

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