Co living Spaces in India are the new trend of the era!

What is Co-living?

A Co-living platform is a place for people to live as a part of a community. Sharing the premium designed spaces with ample amenities to lead a comfortable lifestyle. A place where every event is a celebration with the support of your co-mates.
Everything you need, you find it under one roof – Fully Furnished Rooms, Nutritious Meal Plans, Professional Housekeeping, High-Speed Wifi, Uncompromised Security and Ample Private Space for a better living experience.

And…how does co-living spaces become an Ideal Solution for Students?

“Community Living is for those who want a home that actively supports living with purpose and intentions.”

Co-living Accommodation offers students a platform to connect with like-minded people and provides privacy for individual evolution. It cherishes the values of community spirit, shared knowledge, support, guidance and experience. Combining these values with the benefits of modern technology and services makes the shared living space an ideal option for students.

Some Perks of living in Co-living Spaces –

  • Convenience, Hygiene & Comfort
  • The hassles of finding an ideal hostel/apartment, checking for conveyance, calculating the distance from your educational institutions and then the everyday responsibilities of chores are a thing of the past. Co-live accommodations aspire to be around educational institutions at prime locations with a close connection to essential places.
  • Co-living Accommodation aspires to offer clean and healthy environment for students.
  • Co-living platform is a surrounding which offers time-saving and convenient lifestyle alternative, along with the comforts of home.

Support & Security

Is it safe? Of course!
The premium Co-living platform comes with security around the clock. Once you become a member of a co-living space, you garner the support of community woven together with a shared appreciation for living a gleeful lifestyle.

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A Combined Package of Learning, Growth & Entertainment

Living with peers has a positive impact on life; you teach each other to learn and grow. Pick up life-skills and develop new hobbies, live in a highly motivated environment that encourages you to be at your best.

All the perks apart, what a ‘funtastic’ life it is to share with friends from diverse backgrounds, teaching new values and lessons that add colours to our perspectives. When activities like engaging events, fun games, numerous workshops and (shh!) some gossip is always around to elevate your day.

Shifting out to pursue your education just got easier with these reliable and accessible premium accommodations.
All that a student needs to bring in a premium co-living space like COVIE Ed are their blanket, clothes and their personal accessories.

Come onboard and #Justmovein to a community designed with ample amenities & services.
So, when you come to a place unknown, students can always find a place like home in such co-living spaces making it the ideal option.

Categories: Coliving TipsPublished On: September 18th, 2020

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