Times are really tough. The pandemic has hit us all hard and as we were slowly recovering from the fall, the number of covid cases in India has started rising again. At times like these, all of us want to be home. But for those of whom it is an absolute necessity to stay away due to obligations such as work and education, the closest to home is COVIE.

Apart from the luxurious in-house facilities and the feel of community, more than anything COVIE offers is hygiene and security. From daily disinfection to physically distanced dining options, contactless onboardings, COVIE works strictly by adhering to local health and safety protocols for guests and staff alike.

Our mission in these difficult times is to make life easier for everyone by implementing detailed hygiene and sanitation policies that adhere to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Guests check-ins and check-outs are through contactless procedures and at COVIE, we have doctors on call to attend the guests. Our guests have the option to rent a space in covie after a virtual tour or a whatsapp video call whichever suits their needs. Sounds good right?

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean bill of health and being immune to the virus and for that, our frequently tested staff is on alert mode to ensure the premises is crystal clean. We have placed notices and signages in our property reminding people to be careful and urge everyone to use masks all the time and sanitisers after every 15 minutes. There are several stations where we have placed sanitisers for our guests and staff to use.

Since COVIE is about Community and there are places in the premises where our guests may come in contact with each other so we have placed signages to remind everyone that we are going through a pandemic and we need to maintain social distancing. Whether it is the lounge, the dining hall, the fitness centre or the library, every common area is under supervision and essentially maintained keeping the covid protocols in mind.

COVIE Safety and Hygiene Protocols during Covid:
  • Contactless Onboarding, checkouts and virtual tours.
  • Regular Check ups and monitoring of tenants and staff.
  • Digital temperature scan at the entrance.
  • Social distancing signages all over the property.
  • On call Doctor
  • Sanitiser Stations at necessary places in our properties.

At COVIE, our primary objective is the safety of our guests and we promise to maintain high standards in hygiene. So why don’t you #justmovein?

Categories: Coliving TipsPublished On: May 3rd, 2021

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