At some point of time, all of us have to leave home. We have to move to a new city and begin to build our lives from scratch. It could be for education, it could be for work or it could even be for our choice of lifestyle. The reasons often vary, the destinations also change but that feeling of being new to a place always remains the same.

Factors to consider when moving to a new place.

When it comes to moving to a new place, what do we think of first? Where do we live?

To answer this question, we need to understand a lot of things. We are moving away from home, quite possibly for the first time. In some cases you have lived away from home and you know how hard it is to find a place that suits your likes and dislikes.

We need to find a place from where there is an ease of access to other places. We need our new home to be in a lovely neighbourhood. The price plays a huge role in this decision making process. What do we do for food? Do I wish to live alone and if I don’t, how do I find roommates? Will my new residence have all the amenities? How do I get the internet and gas connections? What will be my monthly expense for accommodation only?

Most often, we usually have to compromise on a few of these requirements because we are not aware which is the best option for us out there. We speak to brokers who show us houses, hostels and pgs claiming each place is better than the previous one we saw. We find hostels which are crammed up and lacking in terms of cleanliness. Sometimes, due to the lack of time we adjust on what we see first. In these situations, awareness of what we want and what we can get is pivotal.

Here is where we give you a solution which will answer all your questions and concerns in one shot. COVIE- The best unisex hostel in South Bangalore.

Why Covie is the best unisex hostel in Bangalore?

COVIE is a luxury co living space(unisex) in bangalore, in Bannerghatta road. You can also call it a premium hostel for both men and women. The reason we choose to use co living space is because COVIE provides you the option to choose between living in your own apartment or sharing a space with others like in a hostel. It’s a shame to call it a hostel because sometimes you can’t just call a Rolls Royce a car, or a Rolex a watch, it is so much more. It is luxury personified. It’s a statement. It’s a home away from home.

What does the best unisex hostel in Bannerghata road have to offer?

With COVIE, all your concerns are understood and your needs are met. We want you to experience a home away from your home. Our top priority is your comfort and your safety. We have made sure you get to live in a homely atmosphere all the while enjoying the benefits of community. Our space, our hostel, is the best option you can get in Bangalore be it man or woman, college going student or working professional. When you choose us, you don’t have to think twice, all you have to do is #justmovein.

Categories: Coliving TipsPublished On: March 15th, 2021

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