Life in a hostel will never be the same: The COVIE effect!

There was once an idea of what a Hostel was. An old building, many rooms, multiple sharing rooms, one or two minimal bathrooms, maybe wifi, no food and ever looming uncertainty of no water during summers. The rent was low, hygiene was never a priority, the fear of losing one’s possessions is always there. For years, these issues were never addressed, all of us were forced to adapt to the options we had. The same applies for PG’s too. It has always been difficult to narrow down, pinpoint that one place which catered to all our requirements. Sometimes the infrastructure would be inadequate, on other occasions, the geographical location would be the problem, and in most cases, the price would be unjustifiable based on what’s being offered.

We have always been facing these issues with PG’s/hostels.

There are students who would prefer not to live in the college hostel, rather live outside and experience life in the city.There will be working professionals who would not prefer living alone paying all the bills or even having a roommate, rather have all these concerns taken care off. Freshers, who just got a job, will be looking to stay at the hostel or PG they wish to live in, save money and also make friends too.

So, these are the preferences, now let’s talk about the quality of living. The quality of life we wish to lead is dependent on our life at home.Those who are used to a certain standard of living, in terms of luxury and they need to find a place which matches that certain standard of living to make them feel at home. Not a lot of hostels and pgs can be offered as a replacement to home. Never.

Enter COVIE- The premium accommodation India needs now!

COVIE has had a rummage throughout our dreams and wish list to bring us the revamped Hostel experience in India. When we think of a hostel, we think of a specific age group, maybe 18-30 or 20-35 but COVIE doesn’t think like that, COVIE thinks bigger. COVIE is a co living space specially designed with only one thing in mind- your comfort. COVIE has options for all age groups, whether you are a student and new to the city, whether you are working professional and you are looking to change your base, whether you are retired and you are a senior citizen looking to be part of a community,COVIE has it covered for all of you.

What does COVIE offer?


Whether you are an IT professional, an entrepreneur, a digital nomad switching cities, COVIE is a lifestyle with all the essentials to lead a well rounded life, from clean sheets and air conditioning to digi smart locks and inhouse fitness centers. COVIE is designed to meet all your needs. After a long day at work, get all the nutrition and fitness needs indulge in hours of fun and networking in our COVIE chill zones


Every eighteen year old knows the next four years, the course of their college life, will be their best years. In order to live life to the fullest, you need to feel safe, feel at home to keep a positive temperament. COVIE gives you the space where you are treated like you are at home, from laundry services and three meals a day to fully furnished rooms with around the clock security services. What more can you ask for?


For sure, you have not heard of this concept before. Doesn’t mean it’s not true. COVIE has made it happen. A place where senior citizens who wish to enjoy retirement, relive their youth and have a community to share their moments. COVIE has designed an environment safe and tailored to meet the needs of the older demographic.

Apart from the facilities, the amenities and the culture, COVIE offers community. Living as part of a community is a privilege and COVIE understands that. Every COVIE space is designed keeping in mind a community and respecting people’s cultures and their way of living.


COVIE Bannerghatta 141

Located right in the heart of Bangalore, COVIE Bannerghatta is just within a 5km radius of the colleges like Christ university, IIM Bangalore, St Joseph’s college,major hospitals like Apollo and Fortis, shopping malls, banks and other essential establishments. So, the access to all the places is covered. Let’s now talk about the facilities- Fully furnished rooms, vanity components like Private Balcony, Lounge Spaces, Meals, Private Workstations and even your own Refrigerator and a Kitchenette in every room. This is the ideal space for millennials.

COVIE Vimannagar 102

Everyone wants to live in Vimannagar. Do you know why? Pune Airport, Symbiosis international University, IT Tech parks, Phoenix marketcity, all the fabulous places to eat and experience Pune. COVIE Vimannagar is carefully curated to fulfill the expectations and desires of the new generation and the ones to come. Premium co-living space with fully furnished rooms, high-speed wifi, private workstation, uncompromised security, lounge & social spaces, nutritious meals, laundry services, events & workshops. If you are thinking of Pune, COVIE Vimannagar should be on top of your priority list.

COVIE Yelahanka 90

One location is Bangalore didn’t just cut it. So COVIE decided to change that by setting up another. Co-living space in Yelahanka, just 300mts from Reva university and 3kms away from all the colleges and eateries. There is no need to speak about what COVIE specifically offers at that particular site because COVIE maintains a standard everywhere. Even if there is more than you asked for, it will never be the other way around.

The COVIE Effect!

Sometimes in life, you find that place you love unconditionally, it’s a weird impulse but the place gives you all the reasons to do so. COVIE is a place like that, a world of its own, where you have the opportunity to meet so many like minded people, have unlimited new experiences, a sanctuary, where you can retreat into your thoughts, your work, your studies, sit down in a corner with a notepad, play music to fellow COVIE residents, your own little bubble. COVIE is the oasis of ultimate bliss in India.

After the hustle and bustle of the city, escape into the simple act of living. If COVIE sounds like a place made for you, stop your search, pack your bags and #justmovein.

Categories: Coliving TipsPublished On: April 7th, 2021

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