Pune is always bustling with students across the globe with educational institutions spread far and wide. These students who travel from lands far, create a diverse community of cultures in pursuit of elite education. For convenience in lifestyle, students often look for housing facilities close to their educational institutes.

But finding the perfect hostel accommodation after using essential filters of-close proximity, affordable rent and hygienic environment seems like a never-ending cycle. But, It doesn’t have to be.

In the urban locale like Viman Nagar which hosts some of the prestigious educational institutions of Pune.

Colleges like Symbiosis Institute of Design, Symbiosis Law School, Symbiosis Center of Media and Communication, Symbiosis Center of Management Studies and International Institute of Hotel Management invite motivated youth from around the globe. Transforming Viman Nagar to a cosmopolitan space with unique luxury hostels like COVIE Ed that offer students the ease of lifestyle and the support of a community that fosters an environment of growth, learning and convenience.

Viman Nagar proudly stands as one of the most nurturing, happening and safest student hostel location in Pune.

Here are a few reasons students choose Viman Nagar and you should too!

Choose your unique luxury hostel’s location as COVIE Ed at Viman Nagar, it simply means more opportunities to lead an uncompromised lifestyle with the conveniences of living in a safe and ideal location for students. COVIE is coming soon near you to Mumbai, Pune & Bengaluru.

Categories: Coliving TipsPublished On: September 30th, 2020

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