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Be a Part of the COVIE Community!

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Living in a hostel or Pg doesn’t really enable you to become part of a community. The hostels/pg’s in India are basically spaces where the owner rents vacant spaces out for accommodation and as an income for him/her. If they provide food at the hostel/pg, then it is going to be the same for everyone. These hostels don’t cultivate a sense of community rather just provide a place where you can sleep.

The COVIE Effect

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There was once an idea of what a Hostel was. An old building, many rooms, multiple sharing rooms, one or two minimal bathrooms, maybe wifi, no food and ever looming uncertainty of no water during summers. The rent was low, hygiene was never a priority, the fear of losing one’s possessions is always there.

The Best Unisex Hostel In Bannerghatta Road

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At some point of time, all of us have to leave home. We have to move to a new city and begin to build our lives from scratch. It could be for education, it could be for work or it could even be for our choice of lifestyle. The reasons often vary, the destinations also change but that feeling of being new to a place always remains the same.


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