Pune, The City of Peshwas & one of the most liveable cities in the entire country is the second largest city in Maharashtra, followed by Mumbai. The Cost of Living in Pune is lower than Delhi but can be high as compared to other developing cities.

It is home to many educational institutions such as Symbiosis International, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Fergusson college, MIT college of engineering to name a few that makes Pune a preferred location for pursuing higher education. It is rightly called the ‘Oxford of the East’.

Pune is teeming with reputed IT and Software companies. It is known as one of the popular IT hubs after Bangalore. Many big companies such as Infosys have set their base here. This makes Pune an attractive place for working professionals.

The Cultural Capital of Maharashtra, Pune has been ranked several times as ‘the most liveable city in India’. Indeed, with a pleasant climate, plenty of tourists and cultural spots and exciting nightlife places, there’s a lot this city has to offer!

If you’re looking to move to Pune, this Cost of Living in Pune guide will help you plan your budget.

Accommodation in Pune

If you’re looking to buy an apartment in Pune, the cost will vary depending on the number of rooms you’re looking for, the area it is located in and the accessibility to transport like Buses, Auto-rickshaws and the metro rail too. The cost will also depend on the age of the property and if you have got a broker as a middleman.

A 1 BHK apartment might cost you from ₹30 to ₹50 lakhs, whereas a 2 BHK might cost you around ₹50 lakhs to ₹1 crore and more. It will cause a dent in your pocket and you must take into consideration the important factors such as travelling to and from your workplace, the traffic and availability of public services.

(COVIE’s Fully Furnished Co-Living Room at Viman Nagar)

There are many serviced apartments and co-living spaces in Pune such as COVIE, which you can consider for rental accommodations in Pune. Again, the rent depends on whether you have opted for single or shared rooms, the amenities available – such as cleaning and food facilities. You will need a minimum of 10,000 in your budget that consists only of a semi to fully furnished rooms.

Here’s a break-up of the best places to rent in Pune and the cost for one person either living alone or with their friends. Note that this is an average cost.

Best Areas to Rent 1 BHK Flat 2 BHK Flat 3 BHK Flat
Viman Nagar ₹12000 ₹18000 ₹25000
Hinjewadi ₹12000 ₹15000 ₹20000
Kothrud ₹12500 ₹20000 ₹25000
Baner ₹12500 ₹17500 ₹22500
Wakad ₹14000 ₹18000 ₹20000
Koregaon Park ₹15000 ₹22000 ₹27000

The security deposit might increase the rental price of the apartments. There’s also the possibility that these costs just cover the rent and not the additional amenities. Although, if you opt for Co-living spaces, many of these services are covered along with the rent.


Another important aspect that might take up a minor chunk of your budget is the grocery – especially if you love cooking. Buying groceries and cooking for yourself is a cheaper option as compared to eating out every day that might save up some of your money.

At the very least, you will spend ₹2000-₹4000 on groceries every month depending on whether you consume non-vegetarian food and where you buy the groceries from.

Here’s a list that breaks down the cost of groceries in Pune for a person:

Milk (Regular,1 litre) ₹45-₹60
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) ₹25-₹50
Rice (White,1kg) ₹40-₹70
Eggs (Regular, 12) ₹50-₹80
Local Cheese (1kg) ₹250-₹500
Chicken Fillets (1kg) ₹200-₹350
Apples (1kg) ₹100-₹200
Banana (1kg) ₹40-₹70
Oranges (1kg) ₹70-₹100
Tomato (1kg) ₹25-₹45
Potato (1kg) ₹35-₹60
Onion (1kg) ₹35-₹50
Lettuce (1 head) ₹40-₹50
Water (1.5 litre bottle) ₹15-₹20
Bottle of Wine (Mid-range) ₹500-₹800
Domestic Beer (0.5 litre Bottle) ₹150-₹250
Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle) ₹200-₹300
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) ₹250-₹350


An average house would require utilities like heating, electricity, garbage disposal, water supply etc. Depending on your lifestyle, it can be as cheap as 2000 per month for an average apartment. Unless you like to cook for yourself, a maid can charge you from ₹1500-₹2500, sometimes more, depending on the chores.

Here’s the break-up of the cost of utilities in Pune for a person:

Cost of Utilities
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water etc) ₹1000-₹3000
Prepaid Mobile Tariff (Local) ₹200-₹500
Internet 1 month unlimited ₹500-₹1500
Maid (Basic Chores) ₹1500-₹2500

Although, if you live in serviced apartments or co-living spaces, the cost might get absorbed in your rent.

Transport and Travel

When it comes to the transport facility in Pune, it isn’t as much developed as in the other metropolitan cities. As of 2019, PM Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone for the metro lines 1, 2 and 3. It is expected that the development of Metro will alleviate the traffic on the roads.

You can get around Pune by using Public Transportation i.e. bus, for which the monthly pass costs around 1200. The PMPML runs the public bus services in Pune. Find out the information on bus pass here.

Auto rickshaws and Taxis are other travelling options available. There are private cab services available too – such as Ola and Uber. Find out the best cab services in Pune.

It is preferable that you stay close to your office or your college, as Pune is known for its traffic, and travelling can be time consuming.

Petrol ₹ 93 Per Litre
Diesel ₹ 82.04 Per Litre
Monthly Bus Pass ₹ 1200-₹ 1500
Uber and Ola Based on Local Demand and Conditions
Taxi Rate Starts at ₹50

Eating Out and Nightlife

Pune has a lot of exciting options when it comes to restaurants. A mixed food culture, you can find food ranging from Chinese to Maharashtrian, North Indian and South Indian varieties. When in Pune, you have to try out their specialities like Misal Pav, Bhakarwadi, Pithla Bhakri. Iconic eateries such as Kayani Bakery and Marzorin are a must visit!

Your cost of living in Pune will also depend on the food. If you’re planning to eat out daily, on an average, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant might cost you ₹250-₹300. It would be much cheaper to buy groceries and then cook for yourself. There are also mess and dabbawalla services available that can be a good option.

(Irani Café in Viman Nagar. Source – Magicpin.com)

Keep an eye out for these restaurants in town –

  • Shriniwas Veg
  • Chang’s
  • Café Peter
  • Irani Cafe
  • Chopsticks Spice Malabar
  • Rasika Veg Restaurant
  • Tales & Spirits

The best part is all of them are closely located to COVIE’s Viman Nagar property and you can visit them any time!

Find out the top Local Restaurants in Pune to add to your bucket list!

Here’s a break-up of the cost of eating out in Pune for one person –

Cost of Eating Out
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant ₹150-₹500
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course ₹750-₹1500
McMeal at McDonald’s (or Equivalent Combo Meal) ₹250-₹350
Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught) ₹100-₹300
Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle) ₹250-₹500
Cappuccino (regular) ₹50-₹250
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle) ₹25-₹60
Water (0.33 litre bottle) ₹10-₹20

Pune has become more exciting with the number of pubs, bars and lounges increasing in the city. You can kick off your weekend by spending time at some of the best nightlife lounges. This might add up to your living expenses. A pint of beer can cost from ₹100 to ₹300 depending on the brand. The cost of food and drinks together might cost ₹2000 for two people.

(House of Medici, The Westin – Koregaon Park. Source – LBB)

Best Nightlife Pubs in Pune that you cannot miss out on–

  • Retox Bar & Kitchen
  • Oak Lounge
  • Social
  • Local Gastro Bar
  • Unwind
  • Sorriso
  • Baraza Bars and Bites

All of them are located near to COVIE in Viman Nagar, so you can always unwind on the weekends at these lounges!

4 to 5 kms away from COVIE, is Koregaon Park that has some cool places for you to let your hair down and dance the night away. Some of the most recommended pubs and bars are –

  • Hotel Westin
  • Hidden Places
  • Effingut
  • Publiq

Find out the top happening nightlife clubs in Pune.


There are a lot of places for a shopping spree in Pune. There are bustling street markets that offer products as good as branded ones like Juna Bazaar, Tulsi Baug and Phule Market. There are shopping malls as well where you can get branded products. You can get the basic clothing at around Rs 1500-2000.

Here’s a list of best street shopping places in Pune.

If you shop at malls, you can buy good quality clothes at a price of ₹2000 and up, depending on the brand. But if you have a luxury lifestyle, branded stores like Zara might cost you around ₹4000.

(Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Viman Nagar. Source – PgPatki Architects)

Best Shopping Malls in Pune –

  • Phoenix Marketcity
  • Vascon Mariplex Mall
  • Inorbit Mall
  • Seasons Mall
  • Amanora Mall

All of these are a stone’s throw away from COVIE’s Viman Nagar property. You can get on a shopping spree whenever you like if you reside at COVIE!


Other than being a hub of IT Tech parks, Pune is also home to a lot of cultural and tourist spots. From the iconic Osho Ashram to the fort of Shaniwar Wada that reflects the majestic history and mystery of Peshwas and the Maratha Empire, there are many such places in Pune for you to visit. The entry fee to these places could be anything from free to up to ₹200.

Here are the top things to do in Pune.

There are also book cafes where you can spend your weekend, such as Perks N Brews or The Beans Talk café, where you can indulge in comfort food and read your favourite book. The cost for two people will be around ₹600.

If you’re a movie buff, there are many movie theatres you can hit up. The cost of movie tickets can range from ₹150 to ₹300 depending on the seat and the timings.

(COVIE’s Instagram Worthy Social Spaces)

You can always have a great time if you live in Co-living Spaces like COVIE, which hosts fun community events such a movie night and burger night, which gives you the chance to socialize and network with other people.

You can grab a cup of coffee and lounge in the reading cubicles or social rooms that COVIE offers for your ‘me’ time.

Fitness and Leisure

Follow strict fitness regime? There are many fitness centres or gym studios that you can be a member of by paying monthly fees of Rs ₹1000-₹3000. If you love playing tennis with your friends, you can rent a tennis court during the weekends, which could cost you around ₹200.

Find out the best gyms in Pune here.

(COVIE’s Fitness Studio)

COVIE property in Viman Nagar has its own fitness and yoga studio, so you will never have to miss a workout day!

Experience COVIE’s Co-living Life: Your safest home with all the modern amenities.

When you move cities for either work or for education, you have one of the 3 options –

  1. Avail a PG style accommodation
  2. Stay at a Hostel
  3. Rent an apartment, find roommates & then start living.

While all of the above options work well, they do have their limitations.

A PG may not always be clean and hygienic. On the other hand, a hostel will have strict rules of occupation to adhere too.

If you rent out an apartment all by yourself, finding the correct roommate & also managing the house month over month can be a hassle.

COVIE’s Co-Living spaces in Pune don’t offer just rooms on rent, but so much more.

These are fully furnished rooms, complete with all modern amenities. If you are a fitness buff, we’ve got Yoga & Gymnasiums for you. For the book lovers, a COVIE has a well-stacked library too. COVIE’s spaces are professionally managed & you would never have to worry about laundry, housekeeping or hygiene at all.

If that was not enough, a COVIE offers you an opportunity to network with people from various walks of life. With community events lined up every month, you get a chance to meet and interact with like-minded people & make bonds for life.

In conclusion, the average cost of living in Pune for a person can escalate quickly, depending on your lifestyle. A COVIE not only gives you predictability over your monthly cost of living but offers a lot more fun, independence & flexibility so while a professional staff maintains the property for you, you go out there to your place of work/college & achieve your dreams.

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